How you can benefit from language coaching
 I'm sure you're asking: "What's the difference between a language teacher, and a coach?" 
  Both a language teacher and a coach are able to help you by giving you the information you need to learn a language (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.).

  A coach, however, focuses not only on the necessary information, but above all, on

  -  bringing out the best of your abilities, motivating you to ever-greater

   -  pushing you to do your best
, all the while... 

  -  guiding you not only in your language studies, but to a certain extent, also in your life -
     a good coach can help you make the most out of your potential in every field of life, not
     just in your English studies!  

   An analogy from sports might clarify things here. A baseball coach, for example, doesn't teach the young athletes how to play baseball (except perhaps for the more obscure or advanced aspects of the game). His players already know the "rules", and have achieved a certain level of skill before they joined the team. The job of the coach is to help his players do the very best they can with their abilities, to guide them on, and sometimes off, the field, and to get them to exceed the limits of what they might previously have thought possible. 

   So it is with a language coach...

   Working with advanced pupils, I see it as my task to assure that you get the most out of your language studies, no matter what school you may be attending, or no matter which method you are using.  Measuring your progress by sessions of English-only conversation, I will help you identify the weak points in your English, and will tell you precisely what steps you should take to improve. 

   In addition, I'll work with you to recognize, deal with, and ultimately eliminate personal weaknesses that could hinder your progress: inhibitions, shyness, poor study habits, lack of discipline... 

   Note here that coaching is not a substitute for normal language classes, and does not in any way "compete" with schools - the purpose of coaching is to maximize the value you get from the classes you're already taking, by ensuring that you develop your language-learning capacity to the fullest!

   One of the main barriers to achieving fluency in a new language is purely psychological: you somehow feel that it just isn't "you" to speak English, and therefore feel inhibited. This barrier has nothing to do with intelligence, but with a mental block that must be recognized, and broken down, if you want to truly master English, or any other language.

  All too often, people pay good money to enroll in a language school, yet eventually lose interest, either because they don't know how to study effectively, or because personal weaknesses (nervousness, shyness, lack of concentration) cause them to fall by the wayside. Thus, they end up quitting, with little to show for their investment of time and money. Or even worse: they continue at the school, but soon fall behind their classmates, and as a result, eventually give up hope, while slowly acquiring an aversion to the language they were once so enthusiastic about!  


  Don't let this happen to you!  Let me be your coach and I will...

- help you ensure that the money you are paying at the school of your choice is a most profitable investment, by seeing to it that you get the maximum benefit from your studies. 

- motivate and guide you along the way, helping you to increase your awareness of how best to approach the material to be learned, how to profitably analyze it, and above all, how to incorporate it into your body of knowledge as effortlessly, and as enjoyably, as possible.

- show you how you can turn study into an automatic habit, and thereby ensure steady, continuous progress.

- make you more aware of, and eventually eliminate, any personal barriers to progress: psychological inhibitions, poor study habits, loss of interest in studying... all the private factors that a classroom teacher has neither the time (nor the authorization!), to address and deal with appropriately.  

- help you recognize, and safely get over, those inevitable "bumps" in the learning process - such as those days or weeks when, despite your best efforts, you just don't seem to be progressing at all, and can thus easily become discouraged.

 - increase your ability to tap into the incredible learning power of your mind, by teaching you how to use proven techniques of mental control and auto-suggestion. You'll not only improve your memory and rate of progress, but will even learn to enjoy learning English more than you ever have before!

   At the end of one of my coaching sessions, I don't just expect the student to know a little more English: I want him or her to feel motivated, more confident, and even happier!

   The language coaching I offer is not designed for beginners (as the sessions are held in English), but for you advanced students who want to speed up your progress, and finally get over those final barriers which have been keeping you from developing and using your English to the very best of your ability.

   Coaching sessions can be held by phone, or over the Internet (Skype, Messenger), as you prefer. You decide how many sessions you'd like, whether on a weekly, or monthly basis, or even at irregular intervals, whenever you feel you need a boost! 

   Winston Churchill once said: "To learn a new language is to acquire a new personality".  Oh, so true! 

     Let me be your guide on the road to real fluency in English, and you may just discover a new, more confident, more successful and happier "you" along the way! 

  Interested? Write me today at , and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!                                 


                                              David Bolton

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